Travel MGL (Mongolia) offers reliable custom travel services & tour packages in Mongolia. Our custom tour packages includes airport transfer, guide, hotel, sightseeing and all kinds of activities in Mongolia. We will help you to plan and book your holiday within your budget, duration and interest. We are one of the  best Mongolia tour operator, there is NO middle MAN between us!. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and enjoy Mongolia! Especially Western Mongolia, the nomadic life, real eagle hunting and climbing and trekking Altai Tavanbogd Mountain (Holy five peaks).


Mongolia is a unique travel destination that offers you the modern, lively, culturally-rich city of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding 1.5 million square kilometers of country where our millenniaold nomadic lifestyle co-exists with rapidly changing development throughout the country. 

Mongolia’s big sky and vast fenceless landscapes will overwhelm you, bring forth your inner spirit of adventure and make you forget your hectic city days. A democratic and free country, with people renowned for their big smiles and straightforward character, Mongolia truly opens one’s inner spirit or as the locals call it your hiimori (“wind horse”). 

But because the land is vast, and the reaching the places and events that inspire you might require time and long drives, it is better to design your trip with the help of tour agencies for the most efficient and satisfying experience.


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